About the Public Service Commission (PSC)

As a Montana State Senator, Jennifer earned a reputation for staying focused, working efficiently, and standing strong for the people of Montana. Her familiarity with legislative processes, public pressures, and corporate practices will translate well to effective service on the statewide Public Service Commission. 


The Montana PSC is comprised of 5 Commissioners elected from various regions of the state. Although each commissioner represents a different part of the state, the Commission makes decisions that can affect nearly every household, business, and visitor in our state. That is why, no matter where you live, it is important to support Jennifer!   

Jennifer is running in PSC Distrct 4 in western Montana, a race that will be decided by voters of Lincoln, Sanders, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, Granite, and Powell counties. 


Do you pay a monthly utility bill? Chances are the PSC affects the price you pay and the quality of service you receive. The PSC regulates consumer rates and the service quality of large privately-owned utility companies who have a captive customer base within the state of Montana. 

Although the types of companies the PSC regulates vary, they all have one thing in common: they are “monopolies” void of market competition. This includes private utility companies that provide: 

  1. electric, 
  2. natural gas, 
  3. water, 
  4. waste-water, and 
  5. legacy telecommunications. 


 The PSC also plays an important role in public safety by inspecting:

  1. railroads, and 
  2. intra-state pipelines.

In addition, the PSC has limited involvement in other aspects of the transportation industry, including:

  1. disposal trucks, 
  2. taxis, and 
  3. limousines. 

Although the Commission does not set the rate for all of these services, it does regulate the entry to and exit from the market place.

Last, but not least, the PSC hosts a public complaint center where customers can report problems with their service provider. With Jennifer on the Commission you can be sure your complaint will be heard and followed up on. 

Jennifer's main objective as a PSC Commissioner will be to ensure that ratepayers like you have access to essential services that are: 

  • affordable, 
  • reliable, 
  • safe, and 
  • sustainable. 

This means carefully and thoughtfully balancing the interests of customers and protecting them against "price-gouging", while at the same time ensuring that the companies that provide essential services can operate responsibly without being regulated to death. 

MONTANA DOESN'T NEED "RUBBER STAMPERS" ON THE PSC. AND WE DON'T NEED AGENDA-DRIVEN INDUSTRY KILLERS EITHER. It is vital to elect Commissioners who listen, pay attention to detail, think objectively, and are prepared to do the job right. That person is Jennifer Fielder!